Your Princess is in another Chapel

Too much beading and FAR too frilly.
Too much beading and FAR too frilly.

Being in the process of planning a wedding, I attempted to do what any soon to be bride would do: Go purchase as many wedding magazines sit in the middle of my bedroom floor and attempt to come up with my dream wedding! However…there where a couple of problems with this.

1) I am not a girly girl and unlike many of my friends who had at least some idea of how they wanted their wedding to pan out I had none.

2) I quickly discovered that what mainstream media and “tradition” was offering did not sit well with me (especially knowing what tradition was).

3) I HATED white, overt beading, pearls (AKA “Clam boogers”) and really don’t care for having dying flowers all over the place during my celebration.

4) The average wedding is like 30 grand! I am not spending that much on one day, sorry I have other things I can buy like…new systems…a house…a car…go to a couple of cons…ya know.

A girl’s gotta keep up with her priorities. Paying off a wedding four years into it is NOT on my list.

**Let me be clear from the jump before I go any farther: If you are a girly girl and you love all things big, white, flowery and all around prince meets princess (or knight and Princess…plumber and princess…) that is fine! There is nothing wrong with that! It is just not MY thing. **

Now that that’s been settled, continuing on.

So I sat there in the local Barnes & Noble at a loss. Initially, we thought why not just have a J.O.P. wedding and throw a reception later? Ran that past the parents and the look I got said enough (sometimes being a only child sucks). So I was back to where I started. Now there where somethings in the magazines I liked so I cut those out and put them in my little book but by and large for the first three months my wedding ‘idea’ book remained empty. I mean truthfully I wasn’t excited about the idea of being put on display anyway but I did want to share a special celebratory day with close friends and family. So I trudged on wading through gaudy designs and strangely overly extravagant ideas. I, foolishly, thought that maybe I was just not feeling the wedding bug. I honestly came to LOATHE even the concept of weddings.

Come to find out I wasn’t the only one feeling the same way. Head on over to Off Beat Bride and you’ll see what I mean. Once I found this lovely blog (and many other women who are in the same boat I am) the excitement I was told I was supposed to feel came. I came to the decision that I’m not fussy or frilly and that is just fine as so called ‘tradition’ is nothing more than fads that comes and goes and frankly you being with the one you love shouldn’t be ‘trendy’ or ‘traditional’ it should be a refection of you two as a couple. If you are like me and my fiance, we are ‘geeky’ and discussing how many TVs we need in our den due to the nature of us both owning multiple game systems and how many book shelves due to my startlingly large book collection.

Again, if you are a princess and he’s your prince more power to you! Go for it! Make the perfect fairy tale The market has thousands of dresses and tiara’s perfect for you. But right now It’s largely giving us other organizers who are a little more off kilter the finger.

Feel free to voice your thoughts on this. Perhaps you have been here before any advice for us trying to muddle through it all?

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