Kekkai Sensen -Blood Blockade Battle Front


Recently, in my never ending journey through the internet (and in my case the ever growing pile of Anime I am presently watching) I have come to the firm conclusion that in the comic book/ manga world it does not pay to live in New York City.

It just doesn’t.

Aliens, paranormal B.S., super-powered enemies going at it, zombies…portals from hell. I mean really. In many ways this anime/ Manga just solidifies my thoughts. But me, being the anime junkie that I sometimes (alright all the time), am, LOVE watching it. Kekkai Sensen, took New York and decided to open up a giant portal to another world filled with monsters. Yep. Bassically in one night New York became no more. New Jeruselum was founded and with only one way in and out monster and humans live side by side normally.

Well as normal as you can get when the person in a diner next to you orders a burger with legs…  Written by Yasuhiro Nightow, the same author of Trigun, Blood Blockade Battlefront (Kekkai Sensen) has peaked my attention. I have watched the first six episodes (no I will not be giving spoilers so chill) and was hooked. My Fiance owned the English Mangas and I have been able to compare the two side by side for the moment (. For the most part they have done a very good job adapting the Manga to screen. Though there seems to be a new characters in the anime that may or may not ever be in the manga, though I cannot help but feel that they must show up as the anime itself is setting them up to be quite important. Only time will tell on that front.

The artist in me is a sucker for well realized character designs realized within the context of their world, their personality, and their jobs and this series hits the nail on the head. Though seemingly basic they match very well. I’m only covering the first episode essentially in this and character designs that stand out and why.

Leonardo Watch, the main character, is like able and honest, and though not a fighter you still root for his growth into a viable member of the team. His design is wonderfully…mundane. You believe the fact that at his core he is just your average joe given powers that far beyond his comprehension.

Klaus Von Reinhartz- Is my personal favorite character. His posh personality (obviously a carefully maintained veneer) and his shadowed face and oddly designed jaw clearly hints otherwise. It also helps that he’s a certifiable bad@ss. The blood red hair and shadowed eyes lend a subtle viciousness to his appearance. I also could possibly have a soft spot for a well tailored man wearing slacks and a vest laying the beat down on people both mentally and physically….

(He also somewhat reminds me of Slayer in Guilty gear)

Zapp Renfro- The plesantly quirky, bad-boy with a good heart, that better own stock, in Chlorox with how much white he wears and given his blood ability and his smoking habit it should be stained within a inch of it’s life. He’s tanned but sports bleached white hair making him very easy to pick out.

Chang Sumeragi- A very simple character design black pants suit, white blouse. Black hair and black eyes. But then given she works in itelligence and observation, that is to be expected and it is welcome. She has a on going rivalry with Zapp that is both funny and at times almost scary in her disregard for him.

While markedly diffrent from the manga as far as introduction goes I find that the essential feel of the story stays the same. The differences don’t seem arbritary but rather, perhaps something that has not been revealed in the manga’s so far. If you have a soft spot for things like Ghost in a Shell, Trigun, Secret societies doing good, Sci-fi/ fantasy and don’t mind New York again being a hot spot for another paranormal event that destroys half of it then you definately need to check out this one.

KekkaiSensenAnime News Network’s -Kekkai Sensen summary

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