Thoughts: Five Nights at Freddy’s and WB


I’ll freely admit it.

I love watching play throughs of Five Nights at Freddy’s. The game play is innovative, the story is top notch and I LOVE it when a creator puts so much thought into his work and hides things for people to find/learn/put together. Part of the reason why this game is so huge is the air of mystery that surrounds it. He DOESN’T spell things out for the player. The game pretty much took over You Tube through out all of 2014 and into 2015 now. In fact there are entire channels dedicated  to this series!

Of course this type of attention will not go unnoticed by a big corporation. In steps Warner Brothers with the rights for a movie. Now there are many people very conflicted on this and I totally understand why. Very rarely in the indie scene have we seen a big name come in and make it better.  Usually it becomes a horrible, pale shadow of what it once was.

And I completely agree.

I am hoping it doesn’t come to this here but that is a possibility given the differences in medium and new voices in the creation process. However, what people seem to be missing is WHY Warner Brothers picked it up.  They are only looking at money, and that is true. It’s a large conglomerate just about EVERY decision they make is based on money. So that’s kind of a one dimensional way of looking at it and you’re not seeing the possibilities out of the details. There is always a possibility the fan could get some interesting things out of this and here’s why:

1) Five Night’s at Freddy’s (FNAF) has tapped into a phobia that is surprisingly common yet not often spoken of. Animatronics. While I do not have a phobia of them I do not think they are all that ‘cute’ either. Never have. I am of the age where I remember Show-biz Pizza and watched as it turned into Chuckie Cheese’s. Till this day I can hear the horrid clicking of the servos and the *hiss* from the piston like actions of stiff joints over the music as the machines went through their pre-programmed movements. Not a comforting sound (I was always up at the front because I usually ended up going with friends who seemed to love the place. Ugh.).  Warner Brothers is eager to tap into a horror franchise they didn’t really think about but has proven to be horrifying to a large group of people. Movie is almost guaranteed to make money.

2) They didn’t want Universal getting a great horror franchise before them. If Universal got it they would be everywhere in that park on Halloween Horror nights. Since WB barely has a park representation in the U.S. and most other major countries in the world, they wouldn’t be so keen as to simply let this sit on the net to be snatched up by a company that *does* have a global park presence.

3)  There is a chance that these characters could appear in an amusement park near you for Halloween.  Warner Brothers used to own Six Flags, but they sold them off a number of years ago. HOWEVER Six Flags retains the rights to use a few of the DC characters (Superman, Batman etc.) and a few of the Looney tunes Characters so long as they basically pay rent to WB and are never allowed to be purchased by competition (I.E. Disney and Universal). If they where purchased all characters would immediately be pulled and the purchasee would be getting a park empty of any branding at all. Not really something they’d want to deal with.  That being said, this is the WB’s only means of reaching the public outside of movies and TV shows in the North American market. I don’t think they would pass up this chance (or should I say Six Flags wouldn’t pass up this chance) to get the characters out and about.

Think of it:

During the day in the park it’s just a place with cute characters and you can get a great slice of pizza there. But after the night starts to fall things go weird…. This way you get both fans who want to go in and see but are too chicken to stay after dark, and those with nerves of steel (Or simply good hearts) who want to truly experience the event. Maybe even have it cycle through like the windows are faux and have lights that imitate the cycles of the day and all the people who entered wander about in groups of two and three as security guard trainees with the phone guy talking out of a special flashlight?

But you know I’m just throwing this out there…

There’s also the chance they’ll  completely screw it all up.

Basically it’s like this: I expected a company to come sniffing around. When someone get’s that much publicity it’s hard to avoid the big companies eyes.  I hope that they treat the story with respect and consideration. Changes are inevitable (any time you change medium changes must be made, sorry purists) but that doesn’t mean they need to be silly or strange. I’m kind of looking forward to FNAF4: The Final Chapter and how/if Warner Brothers going to try and use them this Halloween. Though I’m not a Horror movie person…I’ll probably be in the theater for that one.

line for themovie

What do you think? Can we expect to see costumes this coming Halloween?  Do you hate the idea?  Love it?

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