Workout Wednesdays: Popilaties with Cassie Ho!

So it’s Workout Wednesday. I have a few that I do regularly but I mix them up at random because, I would get bored otherwise. Today I decided on Cassie Ho’s Blogilaties on YouTube and choose two of her work outs.

So I choose her Six Minutes to Sexy arms:

And Her Five Best Thigh slimming moves:

(I will warn you: the last move is a bit advanced. I could only do a few and was immediately depressed at how stiff and out of shape I’ve become.)

Now I will freely admit she’s horribly perky. Even when I regularly danced and had my stamina up and nothing kept moving after I stopped I am pretty sure I was never this perky. However she isn’t’ grating as she’s sincere in her delivery. It doesn’t feel forced or contrived. She talks like she’s having a conversation with you which actually, somewhat, distracts you from the sensation of your muscles attempting to burn their way out of your skin. She also freely admits to being in pain herself.  I don’t recall many other workout instructors who admit to such a weakness, most rarely ever even makes a sound of exertion.  I find this humanizing and she is a joy to work out with, even while your body begs for mercy…

Boy’s, I encourage you to try it too.

Pilates and Yoga are not just chick workouts. I promise you doing one of Cassie’s twenty minute workouts The way she tells you to and despite how ‘easy’ it looks you’ll feel not only the burn you’ll be sore tomorrow. Give them a try! I promise you’ll be feeling firmer by tomorrow…or at least the pain as proof of a job well done!

Check out Cassie’s Blog!: She has monthly workout plans and surprisingly do-able meal plans! She also has a book she recently released~!

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