Work out Wendsdays, With Louise Solomon

Louise Solomon's Yogalates
Louise Solomon’s Yogalates

Another workout Wednesday and chose to dig out a older DVD I had in my binder of other (usually non) workout dvds. The production value was admittedly a bit low. There being no ambient music and the set was really just all white sans the mats and Mrs. Solomon’s top.


Her system works.

Blending the deceptive simplicity of Pilates with the calm soothing atmosphere of Yoga in a surprising whole. You might find the moves very easy at first and may even be inclined to believe that it is not working.

Please do not fool yourself. 

If you don’t feel anything at all. You’re probably doing it wrong or you’ll feel it when the disc is done. Remember, she approaches this like Yoga and Pilates. Slow and easy doesn’t mean lazy it just helps with less injuries.

Louise Solomon has grown quite a bit since I first found this disc. This, as I said is a, OLD disc and probably one of her first productions but the foundation of a system that works was there. We don’t hear much about here here in the states, admittedly, as she’s much more commonly heard of in and around her home of Australia and the UK. She has taught seminars in UK, France, Italy, Japan, & Indonesia. She’s won numerous awards and spoken in all over the world.

She has a deceptively soft delivery, her voice staying, almost eerily even no matter her pose or seeming exertion. She’s fit, without looking over worked, which I really appreciate, and explains what muscles we’re working, how and why, which I also really like. She has since moved with the times and offer many more products and even a training course for anyone who’s interested. I find her a nice change when I want a deceptively gentle workout without much stress.

She comes recommended from me, especially since she makes her less advanced model very easily seen in every workout. I found that terribly useful when I first started. If you’d like to see samples of her workouts she does have a YouTube page however, there is not much there unfortunately.

If you are curious for something unique to tell people you do on your toning day, this is certainly a good option.

What are your suggestions for unique but effective workouts? 

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