Nerd Alert: Five Nights at Freddy Phone Guy Theory

Yes…I know. I know. But to be fair if you have been reading my blog thus far you should know that I have a very strong geeky streak. This being a video game and a mystery I can’t resist the occasional theory.

So here I am with an interesting (and probably done already…) theory. Actually it’s one theory built off of many previously created ones and my own crazy thinking.  Let me break it down as to what all of them are. Some are mine others are from the community:

1) The Phone guy is actually the main character and was an agent sent in to investigate the Pizzeria but died when they moved to the second building (FNAF 1)

2) The Purple guy was a night guard AND / OR possibly a technician for the Animatronics. 

3) The last night in FNAF 1 the last phone message is indeed the passage from “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramhansa Yogananda. 

4) The security guards ARE undercover agents looking for their lost colleague/ evidence of where he went with a cold case. 

With those in mind: 

What if we are all missing the actual main character in this story? One that’s obvious but we either blow off or accuse of being the master mind behind the murders.  But what if the Phone guy is actually the main character and you are only getting pieces of the story from the various night guards perspectives who are also agents and their reports?

Crazy I know but bear with me here.

The ‘purple guy’ was a technician/ engineer for the animatronics and this is mainly due to the fact that he could and would go into the safe room. We see this in FNAF3 because that room does not appear on a map and the animatronics cannot enter the room as they where invisible to the animatronics, thus the error and *always* off camera. What better place to carry out your murders and have time to figure out how to hide evidence? As we all know Purple Guy is also our buddy Springtrap

It's our old friend!
It’s our old friend!

Where does the Phone guy fit into this? 

He could’ve had evidence that would’ve proven who did the murders and seemed to have some sort of clue as to what’s really going on.

This is where the theory gets a bit detailed…

The Phone guy is a deep undercover agent (or maybe even scientist) sent to work at Freddy Fazbears’ to discover what’s really going on at the diner both past and why it’s carrying over to the present (which I really think is the plot of this story not the night guards themselves). You as a night guard are actually a fellow agent (scientist) sent to work with Phone Guy and he’s only able to really communicate with you while on the job in code. Thus many of the hesitations and verbal tics he has as he speaks in FN1 and 2 which, for the most part, mysteriously disappear in the third game where you are still hearing pre-recorded tutorials (though admittedly this could be due to the fact that he’s speaking from a script rather than off the cuff, but I do not believe so as the announcements and reminders as the nights go on are lack the pre-scripted nature of the first two).

When he in in FNAF1 he is having to make a hasty retreat for some reason, unknown to us.


Yes. He followed this company to its new location after it was shut down for an unknown amount of time after a series of questionable events involving children’s murders and mysteriously moving machines. What kind of vested interest does this man have in this company?  Especially that he pre-planned at its reopening to take the night position. If you planned to take the night position you planned on staying there for a minute. Why suddenly be in your last week when recording the phone calls? What has you so nervous? Could it be that he was an observer from someone outside this company who witnessed or found proof to something he shouldn’t have ? It is also of note that the Phone Guy never calls anyone his “Coworker” or speaks of anyone at the establishment with any sort of real familiarity. Looks like if you are that dedicated to the franchise you would also be equally so to maintaining it and the company moral, but we see that is not the case. It almost seems…reverse. When speaking over the pre-recorded messages he is far more…encouraging than in the pre-recorded tutorials. If I was speaking to a fellow agent in code or otherwise and I had a clue as to what was happening I would be encouraging him too. He also never states what his position is at this company. We all just assume that he is a security guard in 2 but does take up the position in 1. In FNAF2 we see the belief that he understands something we clearly aren’t sure of when he starts asking about if you saw a certain animatronics move or not. On the fourth night in FNAF1 when we hear his supposed death there is incessant knocking on his door.

If it was Foxy, we know that after three to four knocks he goes back to where he was.

Comes to knock...
Comes to knock…
Then pretty much resets.
Then pretty much resets.

This knocking, in the recording, doesn’t stop.

So who is it?

Who would stay outside the doors attempting to get to him waiting for the power to go out? I think it’s the Purple Man/Springtrap attempting to take out the one person who could really have proven who did the deed. Why would it matter if he was already trapped? Who ever said a dead man trapped in a animatronic thought logically?The movement in the Kitchen I also think is him as the cameras are mysteriously out. We assume that it’s either Freddy or Chica in the kitchen, but what if it isn’t? Phone guy is killed and stuffed into a suit. The Fifth night of FNAF1 you get this horribly garbled message which I say is still The phone guy attempting to send one last message, still in code, but the suits we know tend to be cheap on the voice boxes and so…it come out…wrong. If we go with the fairly new theory about what the message is on the fifth night it’s hard not to see how this could be a reference to what’s possibly going on at this establishment:

(Omitted: Sir,) it is lamentable that mass agricultural development is (omitted: not) speeded by fuller use of your marvelous mechanisms. Would it not be easily possible to employ some of them in quick laboratory experiments to indicate the influence of various types of fertilizers on plant growth?You are right. Countless uses (omitted: of Bose instruments) will be made by future gener- (omitted: ations. The scientist) seldom knows contemporaneous (omitted: reward; it is enough to possess) the joy of creative (omitted: service.)
— Excerpt from Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda.

Experiments, of a new type maybe?

Then think back to the intro and various cut scenes in FNAF2 you are in a Freddy suit looking back and forth between Chica and Bonnie before in the third time the Marionette is in your face. Maybe we’re actually looking through the Phone guy’s mask and he’s in and out of dreaming? Remember there where multiple establishments which means that there are MANY animatronics not just the ones we see. Fairly smart establishments that have such machines they would often have backups just in case something went down. There is no promises that the same Freddy, Bonnie, or Chica are on the stage at any given time and they could be shuffled from establishment if necessary.

If we are agents it would also explain why when you die in FNAF2 (and in FNAF3) it looks like a video feed is cut. They would want video proof that you, and the ones before you (remember someone got moved to the day shift and suddenly they fired someone as there was a new opening) where talking about?

Then in the first game Mike Schmidt is fired due to tampering with the animatronics A.I. settings.  How would you, as a security guard know how to do this? How would you know that you COULD do this? This also happens in FNAF2, however you are a new person by this time and not the starting guard. Maybe they decided they needed agents/scientists that where more observant? 

More techno savvy agents?
More techno savvy agents?

I believe that whatever is going on with Freddy Fazbear’s  goes all the way back to the Diner version and the events of FNAF2 added gas to a smoldering fire. This would also explain some fan theories that Springtrap/Purple Guy burned down the attraction in 3. This company had gathered together all of the evidence and he needed it all gone and the systems are glitchy and poorly maintained? Even better for him.  They even auctioned off the rest of the items. Legit or not… there is now not enough proof of anything. Murder or experiments.

But again. This is just a theory. But a fun one at that. Honestly I could see Phone Guy also being a partial owner, a Agent, OR a Scientist…but that’s just me.  If you got to the end of all of this I am very proud of you!

If you are also a FNAF theorist, feel free to pick it apart. Maybe I’ve missed somethings or didn’t take somethings into account! Leave a comment below. 

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