Workout Wednesday: Total body and Back!

In my ever continuing work to get back in shape (other than round) I choose another work out. This week I’m back with Cassie Ho but in her Livestrong Woman Pilates boot camp series. I choose two of her workouts from here. I can already tell you that with her and Louise Solomon I can already feel my clothes fitting differently. The changes are subtle but steady, especially since I’d already spent a year weeding my diet down.  I like yoga and Pilates as my workouts of choice because they can be as intense or as gentle as needed and if you practice flow yoga you will get a gentle cardio workout too.  If you go “ffff- whatever you can never get Cardio with Yoga,” Then go stand in a place with space and perform this:

Twenty reps in a smooth movement. Cardio, baby.
Twenty reps in a smooth movement. Cardio, baby.

Sun Salutation in one even movement twenty times as quickly as you can with correct form then come back to me.

So the two workouts I did was:

For total body and

For a sculpted back.

It’s summer and I want to wear halter-tops and tank tops. Though I can admit that I’ve never heard anyone say: “Wow, check out that chick’s back. I’d love to touch it.” I can still work to have a nicer one. I am sure I am going to feel both of these tomorrow. In this series she isn’t nearly as ‘chatty’ but is still perky. Her speaking is focused only on technique and making sure you are doing the moves correctly. Though I focus on working out when I follow her the gentle reprieve is nice from time to time.

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  1. Stacey O says:

    I can confirm that I have, in fact, said “Check out that chick’s back, I’d love to touch it.”
    I love a nice back. So you go for it!

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    1. Foxy Freya says:

      Whoot! New goal confirmed! Thank you!


  2. cmostergren says:

    Love what you’re offering. I haven’t done Sun Salutations in quite a while, so I’ll have to see where I am with them tomorrow 🙂


    1. Foxy Freya says:

      Don’t feel too bad I’m soooo rusty and have gotten so stiff it’s not even funny. Just go at your own pace. 🙂 That’s what I do. I get faster without even realizing it.

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      1. cmostergren says:

        I’ll have to do that–I’ll prob be super rusty too but I always loved doing SS.

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  3. bln180 says:

    Reblogged this on irie419.


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