Review: Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!

It's just as crazy as it looks...
It’s just as crazy as it looks…

Any one who follows anime, even a little will know what this is. It circulated around the web like wild fire for a bit before falling back into the muck that can be the web. I saw a clip of it and at first did what most people did after watching this:

Promptly ask my self: “what the hell did I just watch? Wait, was that a pink wombat!?” 

After two episodes (yes, I watched it. My curiosity got the better of me…) I can firmly say that the series is actually cute for a parody. Yes, ladies and gents this anime is poking fun at the magical girl genre by turning it on its ear in multiple ways. The first obvious way is they ask the question:

“Why is it ok for girls to be portrayed in this light and not men?”

There are several more however after two episodes I did find myself giggling. The characters themselves often pointed out what was wrong with things and out right ridiculous reasonings where presented to thwart the enemy. They also seem to be forced into the role and even during the first transformation are suddenly saying things they wouldn’t normally say (apparently Wombat scripted it all for them ahead of time).

All the stereotypes where presented with a male twist. You have the bubbly, air-headish blonde as the ‘leader’ (light), the thoughtful megane (glasses) wearing practical character(wind), the Ladies man (Fire), the money lover (earth) , and the rather lazy one that could be amazing if he put effort into it (water).  Their character designs where almost taken from the book to project exactly what you’d expect. In this case I’m perfectly O.K with that as it was intentionally done to reflect the tongue in cheek nature of the entire anime.

The animal companions where choosen simply because of the ridiculousness of it all.  Both are aliens recruiting people to carry out their “mysterious” plans. Zundar just wants to conquer something and Wombat after five seconds in a bathhouse decides he wants to protect the Earth because of the many wonderful things within…I’m not kidding.

The series plays as the strange love child of Sailor Moon and Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Yes, I know exactly how that sounds and it is just that strange. The bad guys (called the “Conquest Club) is a lime green hedgehog that travels around in the breast pocket of the Student council president.

His name is Zundar...and he speaks way more masculine than ANY of the characters...
His name is Zundar…and he speaks way more masculine than ANY of the characters…

But then that is better than the Pink Wombat of the Earth Defense Club…he apparently tripped two of the main protagonists’ homeroom teacher down some stairs, killing him and is now using his corpse as a mode of ‘inconspicuous’ transportation…but he has to stay close or rigor mortis will kick in and a stench begins…

Yes everyone sees that their homeroom teacher is holding a pink wombat…very few questions seem to be brought up out side of the initial appearance from the non main cast.

Sorry kids, your teacher's dead.
Sorry kids, your teacher’s dead.

Alright, would I watch another episode after the first two?

Yes, actually. It’s a humorous over the top anime that makes me smile.

Would I do so without any sort of alcohol or mind altering substances?

Probably not. But it’s one of those great reserve Animes to toss at a uninitiated friend and just watch as they try to make sense of it all.

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