Workout Wendsday: Yoga Sessions. TV with Nancy Goodstein

Image courtesy of Grace Creek Media

Today I tried someone new. I have a Roku box in my room and wanted a bit of a change.  See I love my Roku box (I don’t have cable just internet) and it makes my life super easy and with my netflix and Amazon piped through it I don’t miss cable TV at all.  Now be warned there are many many channels on the Roku and if you’re anything like me you may develop  this:

I have a habit of just placing channels in my list and never looking at them…yeah. This was one of them, it was a free workout and I decided to give it a go.  It was called: YogaSessions.TV and I had decided I wanted to get my Yoga practice on point. I have been practicing Yoga on and off since high school…mostly off though. I am a Rodney Lee girl and recently discovered a few others I like. But Gaiam is what I grew up on but I’m always looking for a new good teacher to spice things up and at the moment since the funds aren’t there at the moment, taking Yoga classes locally isn’t a option ($150-$300 a month for yoga  three times week)…yet. So I want to make some strides on my own as I have a pretty god awareness of my body still left over from years of dance. A monthly fee of less than twenty bucks is far more doable for me at the moment than $100 and up. SO…here I am poking around my Roku. The options where YogaSessions.TV or Gaiam as a choice of services.

Nancy Goodstein is one of the Yoga instructors of YogaSessions. TV and I did her beginner workout for Finding Strength and balance. It was 47 mins and I did feel it. I like her tone of voice and the poses where comforting in their familiarity. Sometimes it felt that she was struggling to find cardio, with it being a beginners workout. I found that the constant jumping was a no go for me because I live upstairs from someone and would disturb them. However jumping and wide swinging motions seem to be her method of introducing Cardio to this. I felt…forced.  The yoga would’ve been enough alone for a beginner and focusing on solidifying the poses before fighting to get the heart rate up. That is not to say that it is a bad work out just maybe not the best thing if you live in a upstairs apartment such as myself. Perhaps If I did it during the day it wouldn’t be so bad. I liked the feeling I had afterwards though and the setting where she worked out was not too terribly distracting (though it clearly not made purely for yoga as there was a punching bag hanging prominently off to the left and dumbbells on a rack in the back).

Checking out their website I found that their monthly subscription fee was not bad at all ($5.95 a month).  Which is two dollars less than Gaiam’s annual plan of $7.95 a month. But then Gaiam is almost like a on demand network that includes documentaries and Tai Chi an Qui gong practices too and Yoga Sessions.TV is really just that. Yoga and nothing more. And for me who has a fascination with more than just Yoga and with the ease of pulling them up on my PS3, Tablet, computer, or even smart phone…personally Gaiam wins out for me.

BUT if you are looking for JUST yoga and nothing more and you are like me and want to watch an instructor (and not fumble through with a book) this might be a option for you. They also stream over the computer too so you are not limited to the Roku.

All that being said Yoga always makes me feel great and when I practice again during the day I may go check her out again.

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