Oh Blogsy, I how love thee…


My Blogging set up until yesterday…Yes that us a Wonder Woman Wine Sippy cup. What of it?



Ok, so I’m not a Apple fan.


*listens to everyone gasp in horror.*

I *was* a Mac person in college, but I have since…outgrown too much convinence as there is usually a heavy price for it. Unless it’s a Windows machine and you see the heavy price in the crappy processing and all the mysterious, and unessicary processes going on in the background. I have been posting on my laptop that I uploaded Ubuntu to originally, and now and running Elementary I.O.S, Luna edition. But I was looking for a smaller means of taking my blogging with me. I had a Chromebook, which works very well and it’s thin-ness is refreshing. HOWEVER It was not cool having to carry a extra bag when my purse already has a pouch for a tablet built into the back (I was using it for books as I didn’t use my tablet for anything outside of the home).




But I was given, a while back, a Ipad Air that’s two years old. It was 128GB and for a plunk around the internet ‘thoughtless’ machine (sometimes things are ‘too user friendly’ and too ‘smart’ that it does things you don’t want it to do) that was worth over a grand at the time of it’s release. I would be foolish to just toss it simply out of my dislike for the system. And, truth be told, I was moderately amused, before I started blogging. Now, I’m loving it….but really only for the Apps not the ‘usability’ or how pretty it looks.

Aesthetically , I like to be able to get rid of all the crap on my screen. I don’t care for app icons cluttering my U.I. I pick pretty wallpapers to look at…not to slap crap over. Mac just looks so cluttered and messy (even after you compress them into ‘folders’).

But I digress.

The point is I am liking this Ipad as my blogging platform. I can record movies at a great resolution if I desire, great pictures as well (as long as there is great lighting…somehow flash was skipped on Ipads of this generation for some strange level of logic), and with the addition of my back-lit Zagg keyboard, and the app Blogsy I’m cooking with some serious, fire.

Blogsy is a blogging app, it’s about 4.99 in the App store and you can sync multiple blogs and even write a post offline and save it until you’re ready to upload it. I also have the WordPress app on my Ipad to check notifications and such however it is rather bare bones, and will do the job nicely. But if you are big on the ease of dragging links, pictures and videos from all your sources and various accounts Blogsy makes the process, pretty painless. You can sync your YouTube, Flicker, Instagram, Facebook, and Viemo on the side of the screen making it easy to locate and pull things once you sync them. If you have a Ipad I would highly suggest it.

I wouldn’t be so sure if it would be a great idea for someone if you have a Iphone 6 but on a mini it could still work well as the UI is fairly detailed and might be a little stressful on the eyes. I think the only thing that I would *LOVE* to add: a dark or Sepia mode. I am the kind of person that *hates* writing on a white background and dark wallpapers as I also find it easier on my battery-life. When I’m writing my books I always use huge labs, Writebox, or something similar to provide a black background or at least a darker background. This doesn’t offer than unless I go into markdown mode. Which is so much nicer…and kinder on your machine’s battery-life (at least in my experience). And I’m all about being a as efficient as possible with my power supply.

So now my blogging set up looks more like this:


The book is there for size reference.

Which is SOOO much smaller than my home table set up and much easier to transport than my Chromebook. It’s much more efficient than the Chromebook as I have two camera’s and can both video chat and take pictures.

Chromebook, I was more or less, bound to only video chat only, (though the battery life of my beautiful Chromebook is AMAZING, 8+hrs on a full charge…with streaming video; this Ipad Air and Keyboard are no slouch either). So for the time being I’m happy to be here on my Ipad for the time being when I am on the go.


How are you blogging on the go? So far this is my favorite. What are you using? If you’re on the go at all? Maybe you prefer the desk set up?





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