Ubisoft Presentation E3 2015: “Look we have girls!”

So, Can I just take a Geek girl moment?

Well I’m taking it anyway.

Yesterday…E-3 conference.

Ubisoft. It’s not one of my favorite developers but I respect their content. It’s quite funny to see them attempting to make up for the rumblings of last time. If you recall the devloper’s response for the previous Assasin’s Creed and their lack of Female multiplayer option was frowned upon and commented on. Now don’t assume that I was one of the ones demanding a female option for the in game content. I was not. I’m actually very well versed on how Videogames are created and how it can be a hassle when someone suggests something so late in the game. Not having a voice actress, and the funds, at the time, to animate a woman can be daunting.

HOWEVER, tell me that it would’ve been too hard to animate even as a drop in DLC for the multiplayer option I rather look at you sideways. Assasin’s Creed III: Liberation had not only a wide cast of characters of multiple heritages but also a female protaginist of mixed heritage. Unless you deleted all production data on her and keep only the end result (which is still faster to deconstruct than making from scratch..)

It wasn’t so much the lack of one but the responses that really sounded like attempts at blow offs at first and then evolved into desperate attempts at fixing the issue. Being put on the spot does make one panic..I agree. But you know what people couldn’t have said as much about? If he simply said:

“We over looked that. I’m sorry. That’s our bad. Maybe we can get a DLC for your Multiplayer.”

There would still be complainers but you’d have more of the fan respect, I believe, for simply owning up to it.

All that being said…

I SEE the repercussions of that event in their E-3 presentaion this year and a few others, to be honest. The host was a female of African decent one of the promoters was the ‘geek girl’ with the black framed glasses t-shirt jeans and blazer (basically the guys E-3 uniform put on a slinder chick). And even brought on the star power with a concert by Jason Derulo for Just Dance and Angela Basset speaking on the role she played for the upcoming Rainbow Six: Siege. It almost seems like their trying to make up for things. And in the Syndicate, yes, there seems to be a female. If you want a quick run down of their presentation check it out here:

Even Bethesda, in their new Dishonored added a female character.

Bethesda, however is a completely new entry as I could go on about the new Fallout and how much I lust after that Pipboy…but I did download their app…and will be playing the crap out of it.

Perhaps I’m reading too much into Ubisoft, but looking at the past and then what was shown yesterday I cannot say that I am upset by this at all. Some may complain that you’re trying to hard. But I’d rather you try to hard in this area than not at all. I, as a self proclaimed Geek Goddess (be quiet, I gotta aim high), in fact thank you, Ubisoft, for making the effort. I actually appreciate it.

Think I missed something? Let me know? Want to vent? That’s ok too (so long as you follow the rules of engagement as outlined in my Kurious section.

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