Workout Wednesday: Anytime Quickie with Marla Waal

Any Time Quickie. Image courtesy of

So before I begin this let me start by saying:

I hate summer. 

You read that right.

The Beach is over rated in the summer (burning feet and sunburns are never sexy) and clothes are not as cute as they are in the fall winter. I find that I barely want to wear them, it’s so hot. When I get very hot I feel murderous. This has been true since infancy, apparently. There is almost nothing I like about this season.

Except the Sno-cones. I like those…

The one thing I like about summer...
The one thing I like about summer…

Give me Fall, Winter, or EARLY spring any-day.  And yes I have been in snow up to my knees and loved every moment so yes I have experienced real ‘winter.’ On a side note…my fiance LOVES this season and hates the cold. I just had to fall in love with a half Panamanian…

And I choose the middle of Spring into Summer to start being serious about working out.

What the heck was I thinking?

So for the past week here it’s been horribly hot. Not oh it’s just 89- 90 or something in the sun. We’re talking 95 base heat with a humidity of 89% or above making it feel like anywhere from 101-120. We’ve had heat advisories last until 8pm because even though the sun is setting it still feels like 100+.  Not that I’m a big fan of being out side but today was not the day to do anything out there, especially without any sort of heat acclimation.  I live in Southern United states humidity is NOT your friend. When it hits you, it hits you. It’s not a deceptive heat exhaustion that gets you like in the dryer climates. But rather the fact that because we have so much water already in the air as humidity you’re sweating (which is to cool the body off) will do NOTHING but make you miserable and cause your clothes stick to you.  If you’re doing anything strenuous outside and you get your heart rate and respiration  up you can feel like you’re suffocating. I’m all for cardio (in sane moderation. Note: I do not count jogging or running for long periods ‘sane’) a accelerated heart rate at times is good just not for extremely long periods of time or in such weather. And this is our June.

Just think folks. We aren’t even in July yet. It’s not even ‘officially’ summer yet either.

August, BTW, is usually, our worst month.

SO, I typically, choose to work out INSIDE during the summer season. I like doing my Yoga on my porch or even maybe the beach, if I’m feeling like a 45 min drive and the sand was not imported from Hades. Today, however, I stayed firmly inside in front of my fan in a dark room. But I wanted to keep the workout habit going, so I don’t fall out. I feel that any little bit helps and today, with it’s merciless heat I decided on a quick flow Yoga practice. My flexibility isn’t what it used to be (much like my weight) and so I’m making slow steps to get back there. I did not want cardio and so even though it’s a flow practice it does not get the heart rate up. Which was fine by me. This ten minute practice was perfect for a quick shot and I paired it with 120 chest pulses (Pilaties move Cassie Ho uses them a lot and they are amaz-balls) I got moving without wanting to kill everyone in a ten block radius.

Marla is pleasant to listen to without wanting to put you to sleep she spoke about 3 seconds ahead of what she did so that keeping up was a breeze even for the first time. They where primarily stretches in this one but I needed those and if I feel like the ten minutes wasn’t enough I don’t feel half done so I could start another twenty minute or do a another ten minute run wit Cassie. The best part is:

It’s was ALL seated!

Since cold air falls I was in heaven. I will be trying more of her things in the future as I really enjoyed her. If you have a GaniamTV subscription (I just got mine) give her a try.

What do you do to work out in the heat? Swim? Stay inside and do Yoga and Pilates like me? 

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