Workout Wednesday: Rodney Lee’s Daily Yoga Day 3

So, this past week or so I’ve been fairly busy with Job interviews, a moral dilemma that the geeky will understand (that will likely be a interesting blog post coming soon; stay tuned), and obligatorily social engagements.  Monday I helped some friends move into their first home and I’m still a bit sore from lifting things up and down two flights of stairs. However, I want to make a concerted effort in my desire to tone up and be less flabby. I refuse to say ‘loose weight’  as often muscle makes you weight more, and even when I took dance and kickboxing I weighed well over 175lb (12st), none of it moved and I still wore double digits. So I know better than to say things like “if I loose this_____ just so I can fit into a size______.” I just want to be healthy and for my curves to stay where I like them.

Any-who,  I get to look forward to another day, tomorrow (and possibly the day after), of lifting and moving items. So, I don’t particularly looking for anything strenuous…again as I’m essentially getting my basic weight lifting in for the week. So I’m back with my trusty GaiamTV app, this time on my PS3 to squeeze in another workout before I switch over to the Funimation one and drink a steaming cup of my Tulsi “Magical Rose” tea by Organic India to watch something before calling it a early night.

I love this series. (Image courtesy of GaiamTV)

Because I didn’t want to spend forever hunting down a viable workout I went under their section for beginners (as I always feel that I’m never ready for anything higher up…).  Figuring I needed some core work to help support all my lifting, I went to Rodney Yee’s Daily Yoga and did his Day 3: Strengthen the core work out. 

Though it is only 17 minutes it is much like Pilates in that you are working the deeper muscles and a little goes a long way.

Yee was one of the first Yogi’s I  began to follow when I first dipped my toe into the pool of Yoga in late junior high and all throughout High School. I am used to his teaching method and  can easily follow along. His tone is even and clear and I particularly like this series as the settings are always very nice nature ones and not the stereotypical (sometimes) boring beach or desert scenes. It has everything from the foundational basics to flow if you want to get the heart going to meditation. If you don’t have GaiamTV it’s ok.  This series is fairly easily found in most places that sell such DVD’s or on Amazon for a very reasonable price.

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