Day 1: My First Anime (s)

First up on the 30 day challenge is naming my first anime. Which is a bit hard, unless we’re counting many of the intros to Cartoons shown in the 80’s (such as X-men, Swat Kats, and Thundercats).

This explains why many times the animation seemed to make a sudden change towards the lower end of the quality scale. But if we’re counting Anime from start to finish animation wise and then in original incarnation  then It would have to be a tie between Hyakuju O Golion! (As we know it: “Voltron”) and  Kyatto Ninden Teyandee( known in the west as “Samurai Pizza Cats”). Both came on super early in the morning and seeing as I was, always up at un-godly hours of the morning on Saturday Mornings to watch cartoons (Mainly “Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?”, “Cow Boys of Moo Mesa,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and “Space Cats”) I would flip around quite a bit to find something of interest. It was almost always one of these.


I dunno… it was new, I was never lost on any episode as the intro always took care of that I mean just look:

One of the shortest expositions ever in a animation… and they even color coded them~! As a little kid I didn’t need to bother with names! “I like the Blue one.” was all you needed to say to a friend and they understood. A series where they actually dared to kill a main character in a battle. They tried to say he was sent off for his injuries (in a “coma”) but as a kid I never remembered them saying that. A huge claw chop to the neck and blood on the face was enough for me to say: “Ohh. Dead. Ok…that sucks! Now they can’t form Voltron!” I remember him falling over and two ‘grown men’ crying and then him never coming back or being mentioned again except with people crying and falling to their knees. I always assumed he died.

Maybe I didn’t remember about him being ‘sent away’ because I blocked the horrid voice acting out of my mind…

Then the Plucky Whiny Princess took his spot and I started to not care anymore. It could’ve easily been due to dubbing but I wanted her to get killed too… I mean initially I was happy a girl was getting in on the action…and then she started to talk and then this girl at the tender age of around five wanted a princess dead.

Then you have Samurai Pizza Cats…ah…yes…

This intro…more exposition…heck he’s talking in rhyme to music…

But the series was cute, the girl was really the only character with sense in this entire show (though all of them where pretty bad) and I really enjoyed the simple stories. It was a great time waster. The voice acting wasn’t bad, looking back at it, and some of the jokes where down right dark. 

“Tom-cat’s. You can’t live with them and you can’t throw them down a well and drown them, there really ought to a be a law~!” 

“This is more fun than pitching water bombs at a drowning man!”

And the cultural references in the American dub was actually very intelligent. All I knew was that even though many things went over my head I never felt ‘talked down to.’ While watching it. It was one of my pet peeves with cartoons for while. Kids learn by watching what’s around them. We learned language by it being spoken around us NORMALLY (when talking to another adult) and towards us. We developed a understanding. By presenting scenarios and possible outcomes and watching other character reactions to it we learned about what they where talking about as well. That was…refreshing. This series I continued to watch re-runs of well into the 90’s until it was taken off the air. But even going back and watching them now I can’t complain too much. Given how special of a person I am now I can assure you that I had a very interesting mind as a child. I guess both of these set me up to be the anime watching, manga reading, adult that I am.

And I can’t thank them enough for it.

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