Workout Wednesday: S-Factor

Forewarning:, gents, while this workout is clearly geared towards women I can’t say you wouldn’t learn a thing or two if you attempted it.

For for the first half of my life I took dance three times a week. I enjoyed it and it gave me something to do out side of school. Even now several years later, if I hear a familiar song the dance moves attempt to come back. I have tried several workouts that are based in ‘dance’ and frankly most of them are either boring, or must be ‘hip hop’ in order for you to ‘work out’. Many of these workouts underestimate the power and control it takes to make the smooth graceful movements of ballet. Bar work alone will tone the legs and upper arms and none of it is particularly fast or aggressive. It also does wonders for your posture. As you know I love Yoga….so this work out grabbed my attention. Even with the idea of a strip workout all the women are dressed with a air of respect and while sexy they do not cross the unspoken ‘slutty’ line as other ‘exotic dance’ workouts tend to do. There is no artifice, no weaves, overdone makeup or even fake nails. It’s all about women enjoying the natural beauty of themselves.

I found a ebay deal and snatched it up many years ago and only recently started pulling it out to practice it. It had even come with the book:

Sounds crazy but it’s fun!

The S Factor: Strip Workouts for Every Woman

The S-factor by Sheila Kelly is a workout that combines elements of yoga, Pilates stretching, and yes, pole dancing to give you a total body work out. Now each work out is about 44 mins and though slow if you do not pace your self you can tire well before the end. I find this a fun workout and also a bit upsetting as I fondly remember things I used to do without thinking about them  and attempt to do them now and fail miserably. However, I try not to disparage my body, as she is doing the best she can for me at this point in time.

I’m going to help her along the way and pamper her from time to time as I travel the road back to being toned.

Starting out

The first disc is all about building the inner muscles and learning the ‘S’ movement. Getting comfortable in your own skin as a woman. In this class she has women of varying shapes and sizes and ethnicites. Which is always a wonderful change. The movements are sensual and slow and very deceptive at times.


The second Disc is all about learning the art of the Lap dance and other basic wall and floor moves. She ups the difficulty a bit while giving tips on how to deliver the perfect lap dance for your significant other. However she does make a point of saying in her introduction found on each disc) if you are doing this for *you* don’t feel obliged to share it. You don’t have to show anyone what you’re doing. This is geared to get ladies in touch with their inner Vixen.

Pole work 101

Disc three is all about beginning pole work.

If you feel that ambitious. Strippers are not given enough credit for the strength they need to pull off their stunts. Could I do this for a living?


Can I watch a woman doing this and go. “Wow, think of the strength it takes to spin around a pole and look like you’re walking in slow motion using only her hands to hold her self up.”  I sure can and not think twice about saying it either. Seeing as I’m in an apartment, am not that strong (at the moment…will get there) and can’t screw the poles into the ceiling and floor this DVD is dusty. But it is fun to watch women do the tricks out of a love for themselves and the fun they have while dancing.  Many of the moves you’d never think are viable work out material until you attempt to duplicate the moves.

I got a old set I believe as I got all three volumes in one bundle with a eating plan and the accompanying book.

However each DVD is separate.

When I finish the first DVD (the only one I feel comfortable doing regularly at the moment) I do walk away with a similar peaceful excitement I find when doing Yoga. For the ladies who wouldn’t mind a sexy workout that helps you feel good in your skin I suggest this one. This one may be a little too edgy for some of you and that’s ok too. But if you’re looking for something sexy…but classy look no further.

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