Day 2 & 3: Favorite anime so far and anime crush.

Two days on one?? Isn’t that cheating?

Yes, I have no shame about this.

I got home yesterday with feet That where attempting to give out on me and passed out on the bed. By the time I woke up (at 3am today) I figured it wouldn’t matter a few more hours….then life happened with rearranging furniture and being called to grandmum’s house.

Thus here I am playing catch up already.

So if I *had* to choose a favorite anime, which is a bit difficult, I’d have to say:

Image Courtesy of the Wiki site

For several reasons. I’m not a fussy girly, girl and I’ve accepted that. This shonen has a HUGE following of both sexes because the creator and writer has managed to appeal to many different markets. First he has a excellent story. Even the filler arcs that people hate in this series serve a purpose, though not manga cannon Mashima works very closely with the production companies and each arc reveals something else about his world. He typically doesn’t forget things and unlike many other anime’s siblings actually resemble each other!

Mira-Jane Strauss
Elfman Strauss
Lisanna Strauss

The Strauss siblings are but one example.

The art is excellent. Fantasy with magic (a magic system that actually has RULES we’ve all watched/read something with magic that didn’t have ‘rules’ and have been unsatisfied because that exact reason.).

It speaks on the bonds of friendship and family, fighting with good choreography, a diverse cast of characters, comedy that is even not afraid of making fun of itself. The story is serious, but you never allowed to feel too hopeless with out something to lighten the mood a bit or even episodes of insanity to make up for it. The anime has emotional points that you don’t even expect at times and even a sprinkling of angst. The manga and the anime are almost on par, I have no real complaints about moving from one to the other and don’t mind watching the anime even with me knowing what’s going to happen.

The women are more than simply steriotypes and run the gambit of skills and tendencies and all the men respect, protect, and are protected by them at times. There’s mystery, action, cheesecake and beefcake basically something for anyone! Heck, you even have a male character that strips without thinking about it. It’s just a small habit of his nothing big.

Comedic Beefcake...
Comedic Beefcake…

And a woman who’s strangely immodest and even owns “Seduction armor” and has a soft spot for Bunny Suits and Kitty outfits…

Bunny Erza

But is almost unbeatable.

[For those of you who don’t know Cheesecake is what I call gratuitous shots of women obviously for male enjoyment and Beefcake is the male equivalent for women. Equal exposure I appreciate. If you’ll do it to one at least be nice enough to do it for the other.]

But neither are so in your face that it’s a turn off. The series has struck a very fine balance and I love every minute of it.

Next part!

Can't argue with this logic
Can’t argue with this logic

Now…anime crush is a bit harder to explain. I was always the odd child as I had cartoon crushes and never crushes on boys in media. I can count my actual crushes of people on one hand. I dunno.

I’m weird.

Now anime  I have/had several. I shall begin with my earliest:

Hashiba Touma (Tenku no Touma of Yoriden Samurai Troopers):

Do you know how hard it was to dig up a image of  my first bae without a sailor tart photoshopped in!?
Do you know how hard it was to dig up a image of my first bae without a sailor tart photoshopped in!?

Technically my first anime crush. I have had other CARTOON crushes…but this is the first anime one. He was the smartest Trooper, controlled AIR and could fight decently well. Granted his Samurai Armor looked horribly phallic in nature but I wasn’t paying attention to any of that…I swear.

Ignore that other interloper, I couldn’t find one of him by himself.

Kurama of YuYu Hakusho:

Image courtesy of Bless the artist that created this image.

The calm yet calculating member of the bunch that happened to house a Yoko within his body and has the ability to control plants. Smart and at times cold when needed he was a force to be reckoned with…and he always did it with style.

Yue (Cardcaptor Sakura): 


He’s a angel, archer, and connected to the moon with a equally cold but caring nature in a story written by the manga group CLAMP. ‘Enough said.

And finally (For the moment):

Klaus V. Reinherz

I *LOVE* the outfit…

The kind, selfless, intelligent, well spoken, battle ready,  leader of Libra Klaus is my present crush. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you know my thing with vests, slacks and crisp white shirts.

Now looking at all my guys laid out I think I have a thing for smart, strong, kind, and capable men in my anime’s now that I look at it. Being smartly dressed is a bonus.

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