Day 4: Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed

Ok so, when I was in High School I had a habit of buying any anime who’s art was cool to look at or costumes where fun. Unfortunately this spawned a collection of anime that I regretted buying. My anime craze was not nearly as refnied as it is now. But there was one in particular that I kept and still watch from time to time simply because it was so horrible.

In Japan It was known as: Jaja-uma Quartet.

It was a interesting concept of basing everything in this world on games and the like. Heck even the main characters had interesting powers that related to their suit of cards. Character designs weren’t bad. The plot, however…and animation….


The dubbing actually had a cute script but you wouldn’t be able to watch it more than once a year. It was also put out by Central Park Media which was a crap shoot when it came to good dubs. The story made little to bo sense and frankly I’m not at all surprised that it was only two episodes (OVA’s) I’m not sure it could’ve made it past f9ve episodes without suddenly created a more indepth story. Not impossible, but judging by the art caliber, not really likely. This one was actually not bad. I will admit I do have a fave character…

Casa Clover XVII (Casa Clubs, the 17th)

She was the psychic of the group and frankly one of the most stane

I’m fairly sure that if a dug about I could find others that are pretty bad but I’m just going leave this one as it is. I would rather not have people call my taste into question…




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