Day 5: Anime character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)?

Ok so this may seem very weird but I do think I am very similar to two characters in particular from anime.

Hibuki Washu (From the Tenchi Muyo! OVAs) and Kohina Ichimatsu (from Gugure! Kokkuri-san).

Courtesy of the Tenchi Wiki

Washu Habuki 

The eccentric inventor of the series and surprising mother hen when sometimes least expected. She’s got a good heart even if it’s hidden beneath strange habits, technical jargon, and a desire to annoy people. The more she annoys you the more she likes you. However when the situation deems it necessary she can and does politics and guerrilla tactics just as as easily.  I watched the first part of the OVA when I was in high school with many of my friends. We all watched and still watch anime…

Yeah…this was my nickname in High school… stoic stoic

Kohina Ichimatsu 

How am I like this strange child? She likes to fancy herself not a human and rather a doll lacking emotions and feelings who deals with the arrival of yokai in her life with surprising calm. She’s pragmatic and likes what she likes and lothes when it is taken from her no matter how good for her it may be.

I am very much like this in that I often do seem very…apathetic. I think it’s also a side effect of resting B*tch face. People claim that they can’t tell what I’m thinking or that I even have emotions at all. I also have a strange ability to not be ‘frantic’ or upset in situations that most people would be (such as people collapsing or getting in a wreck both of which have happened). It’s both a blessing and a curse but somehow it makes people either love me or think I’m strange.  Very much like Ichimatsu here. Apparently I was like this very often even as a young child…

What anime characters (any fictional character really) do you think you are the most like? It’s a interesting question and one I never thought to ask myself. 

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