Day 6 – Most annoying anime character

I’m so sorry everyone! My life has been crazy! So I’m going to be posting many things in rapid succession. Work (5am calls) and personal life (wedding arrangements and social engagements).


Ugh…this chick
 Sakura Sakurakouji from Codebreaker

I can’t bring myself to like her. I haven’t even finished the, admittedly, good series, because she will be in it. And unfortunately from what I’ve seen she’s being set up as being a linchpin character. Now I have been told in the manga that shes not nearly as clingy or annoying. Now I’m sure you are all wondering why I feel this way. Well it’s simple. Being clingy isn’t the only reason it’s tacked onto her loud rhetoric spouting when she doesn’t have the full story and though she attempts to discover more about the Cobebreakers does so clumsily at best (they often tell her because she hounds them so much or they volunteer it). She does the silly heroine thing of throwing herself in harms way constantly.

You have no idea how many times I begged them to miss and kill her putting her out of our misery.


She even looks better!!
 Now, again. That is not the one presented in the manga. She seems much more contained and actually thinks. Her abilities are much more apparent and she is quite a bit more autonomous. This is a case where I the limited time frame of a anime, I feel, did a character disservice.


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