Working out with a full-time physically demanding job

In many ways it's true.
In many ways it’s true.

So as many of you may, or may not have noticed my “Workout Wednesdays has been few and far between or even posting on a random Thursday. My present job is in the movie industry and has long hours and often times physically demanding work. When I get home workout is often the last thing on my mind. My feet are sore my hips are starting to hurt (due to working on concrete which is very hard on the joints). So when it comes to working out I don’t want to over tax my body and often fall asleep around 9pm. I’m a night owl typical bed time for me was 1-2am. So all of this is a bit new to me.

[“What about getting up early?” 

Uh….no. I have never been a ‘morning person’ even when I was a in utero. I even tried to be a ‘morning person’ for years. Failure each time so. More power to your Larks out there but I am a Night Owl and proud of it. Neither is better than the other we’re just different.]  

However, I do work out when I get a chance. But often they are usually short (less than 20mins, around 15 mins) worth of gentle flow yoga as I do have an early morning the next day. When I work and I lift a lot of things I make sure to lift correctly (from the knees) and remember to use my core when appropriate to support my spine when working. So in a very real sense I try to take what I learned in my workouts about moving and supporting what and why (the instructors aren’t just telling you how things work, and why for fun) and make a point of using them when I can.

Admittedly it’s probably why I’m also so tired at the end of a day. But I am toning even as I look at myself now. Things are fitting differently my jeans keep trying to slide down while I’m at work, the inches between my bust and waist and hips are changing. All because I keep the ‘correct form’ in mind. It’s never constant (yet) but I want to keep making progress, and this is the easiest means in a busy schedule. I used to work at an office and did tummy work when I remembered. I would go to the bathroom (it was a single person bathroom) and perform warrior poses and wall versions of downward dog etc. Use the counter to do simple push ups. Anything to help stay active.

Because if perfection is your goal and you fall short you might stop and never try again..change for the better even a little at a time is better than lots of progress then forever stopping because it’s not what people (sometimes even yourself) deem as the ‘ideal.’ ‘Ideal’ may not be a realistic goal (without operations). So strive for a better, fitter, healthier you.

I am not a excercise freak by any stretch of the imagination. As my still very curvy body will clearly indicates, I’m not ‘fit’ in that sense. To be honest I do not have any desire to be crazy fit like I was in early college.

Because I was so busy working out I barely lived a life. I was crazy busy and the hour workouts while fun left me with little time for anything else other than the occasional dinner date and studying and school/ work. And while  I do watch what I eat and why I’m not anal retentive about it because sometimes I want a freak’n doughnut!

The bad ones not the peudo-imitation ‘good’ ones that people create to replace the bad ones.

If working out and watching what you eat is your life, go for it! There is absolutely no shame in that sense.

However it is not mine in that sense.

I will still be working out on Wednesday’s as I squeeze them in (hopefully this week there will be one, as I’m trying to plan ahead of time). SInce this job is temporary, I will resume my regularly posting of Workout Wednesdays after I am back on a decent schedule. Some people think that there are never any excuses for missing a work out and perhaps for them there isn’t. I know better than trying to run myself into the ground for the sake of a smaller dress size. But making steady steps forward to a healthier, fitter (even if only in small steps) me is more important. I didn’t get here over night and it’s not realistic to say that I’ll get back in a few months.

At least…that’s my approach.

Until then, I humbly ask you to bear with me as I have not forgotten about you guys at all and please know that I have not stopped in my humble but constant effort to better myself.


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