So…I finally got a PS4

First I would like to apologize for the huge gap in posts (again) as I had explained before the job I had been a bit time consuming, though it was a wonderful experience.

For those of you who know me by now, you know that I’m pretty geeky. I like anime, manga, Video games, and yes I did at one time have a god level thief when I played D&D (2nd ed and 3rd). However I look at it slightly different than many would expect. Video games are a new kind of storytelling that requires viewer interactions and often your choices have moral consequences but without your active participation the story isn’t finished. If it’s broken down that way video games are just a new kind of means of storytelling. Since I love writing, and reading/ watching good stories (especially science-fiction and fantasy) to ignore such a genre is folly. I came about in the Era of Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt so I’m one of those “old” fogies that’s watched the rise of the systems and actually kept abreast of them.

Thus my latest splurge.

Now I’m not a Microsoft person in general (I do not own a mac or P.C. any more I have Chromebooks and laptops that run Ubuntu or Elementary) but I considered purchasing the Xbox one. For the first time ever. I do have a fair number of friends on the system but after looking at the games list decided to pass. Halo a system does not make.

Any who, I now have a PS4 nearly a year after its release. Why? Well aside from the fact that I do game, you never buy technology when it’s brand new. I always let other people be the guinea pigs. I’m paying a lot of money for a finished product, not for a beta test (another reason why I’m not a big fan of Microsoft…). So this review is super late, but I couldn’t resist. Every other reviewer isnt’ me and no two have the same experience so I might say something someone else had never thought of or heard of and help them along their way.

But I do have to say: “really Sony? You couldn’t have just made some stickers?”
I mean look at this!

They got rid of a small forest to add sleeves to their Batman bundle (rule of thumb: bundles will almost always save you money unless you don’t want what’s inside).

I also managed to get a good deal on this as it came with some headphones, They where aesthetically pleasing and had great sound. I was excited to use them with my new system… I got to use them for a good month before they finally broke down the center band…why? Because the stupid things aren’t adjustable! They always felt loose and I would push them down on my head. Because the design is a ‘one size fits maybe’ it kept slipping around my head constantly. One night the plastic gave away and snapped silently I didn’t notice until the things pretty much just fell off of my head during a game play.

I attempted to fix it with (white ugh) duct tape but since it was a wired headset that was a no go as the microphone began to act up. Thus Best Buy was giving these things away with their system for a while… so unless free I wouldn’t waste my money. You can find equally priced headphones built much better. I ultimately went back to my Triton Kunai in (ugh) pink but their sound isn’t nearly as good. Soon I will probably get a better pair of cans. But for the moment those do.
If the wired ones are non adjustable and the plastic gives out at an obvious stress point and they run wires through said obvious stress point, I certainly don’t want the bluetooth version of these that are available.
That aside I am loving the system. Though there are some things that took me a few days to adapt to. The menu looks like a weird hybrid of Xbox’s menu and their old menu of the ps3. It works but I still find it a bit clunky honestly.
I did re-purchase one game so far on my 4 that I had for my 3 just to compare how it looks and processing…
Boarderlands the Pre-Sequel

And I almost get eye strain it’s so bright and the edges are so clear. I didnt’ realize how much there was still a faint blur with the PS3 even when using HDMI until I moved up. Walls where SOLID (in the 3 there where times where it seems like the system was ‘thinking’ of if to stop you or not), there is less clipping and lag and loading times where very short in comparison to the older generation. Aside from the eyestrain I enjoyed playing the game again. BUT, we are reaching the point where Pixles per square Inch (and likewise bigger megapixel cameras) aren’t going to make a lot of sense for the everyday person. The human eye is very limited (the equivalent of a 8 MP camera, people) so bigger won’t be a driving force for long. As evidenced by the eye strain on this game (due to it’s graphic’s style) I would suggest people not buy picture hype as much anymore as much as content.

Look at what’s under the hood, do you like the company? Are the lists of games coming out making it a worthwhile buy for you?

For me that was the PS4. Several of my friends decided for a Xbox one instead. It’s a matter of personal choice, ultimately. I look forward to a time when we can play each other across systems. With Xbox now having blue ray capabilities (which Sony owns still BTW so Microsoft is paying rent to use the tech) it really is becoming similar to do you own a Lenovo or a Toshiba? Or even P.C. to Mac. Many online games can talk to each other on the P.C enviroment (especially with bootcamp). But until then it seems that I’m going to be regulated to my Sony friends list unless I decide to plunk down another 400 some odd bucks to get a Xbox one. This is not off the table however aside from only getting it to play with friends I’m not likely to buy it due to it’s very small exclusives game list.

But then that’s just my humble opinion. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get back to Destiny and leveling up my second character…might do a review on that soon too.

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  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    Not buying a console on launch day is wise advice. Waiting a bit means you can often benefit from deals and you will have a bigger selection of games to choose from.

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    1. CupcakeKvara says:

      My thoughts exactly!

      Liked by 1 person

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