Sooo I’ve been very quiet but here’s why:

I’ve been working on a project with a few friends of mine and I’m proud to finally be able to show you the results of our hard work. Well at least the first episode of it:

I Co-host with Darthtechosage and Jikeidaninin about many things of the geek ‘subculture.’ We are the Geek Outer-rim and we are strange, thoughtful and geeky. Its our first episode so…we are still learning but I don’t think it turned out too bad.

In honor of Black History Month we tackle the concept of many very well written comics that are being released by not only P.O.C (People of Color) but also that represent a segment not commonly well written about: women. Many are independent or not well known creators but deserve much more exposure. It is a bit long at two hours, but it’s our introduction and discussion of several comics as well as ourselves. Typically they won’t run longer than an hour, this is sort of our two hour introduction special.

Since I’m a sucker for great art, characters, and a good story…I couldn’t resist. I do speak on Princeless again and on Rat Queens as well. I will still continue to blog on my 30 days of anime(refuses to count how many days it’s been past…ugh)  and write a more in depth write up of Rat Queens because that comic alone breaks a lot of tropes that are worth noting and deserve more attention than I was able to give it on the show. I may actually record a video blog about it….

*eyes her new webcam skeptically*

Maybe. I’m used to working behind microphones and curtains. The whole video thing gives me *shivers*…but I’ll try. I’ve been thinking of making the jump to vlogging a bit because I can technically do so on the go if needed with my cell phone or pad and upload  here.


However I’m still here.

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