Suicide Squad a Review 

So,  I’m  sure you’ve had your fair share of reviews on the movie Suicide Squad,  and to be fair many of them are true… However I feel that it’s certainly not the best comic book movie but not for the same reasons I’ve seen commonly tossed about the net.  While many are fairly valid I feel I need to toss my hat into the ring as why this movie didn’t fully deliver.  And it’s for two seemingly little things that so far I haven’t seen anyone really delve into.

First let me go over what’s good about the movie.

The character interaction and writing of said characters where great.  

Especially between Deadshot (Will Smith),

Harley Quinn ( Margot Robbie),

Joker (Jared Leto),

and Amanda Waller (Viola Davis).

With Diablo (Jay Hernandez)  doing a very respectable job.

All had very good screen presence and delivery. They where over the top but still believable. Writing wise they where pretty much on target and even some of their more little quirks were taken into account and used.  Ex: Katana’s tendency to mutter or talk to her self in Japanese and to others in fluent but accented English (more on the execution of that later). The costume design was very well done.

The quirky offbeat humor was there.  

And delivered without being heavy-handed. At some areas of the movie it saved it from crashing and  burning.

Character backgrounds where interesting and,  fairly,  clear.

Now this one is a double-edged sword that the movie used clumsily. The backgrounds where well written and acted (for the most part).

Unfortunately this is where the  bad starts to come in. The other edge of that aforementioned sword that caused them to  commit seppuku with.  And as you can imagine attempting such a move with a double-edged sword doesn’t make for a clean(or honorable) suicide (squad or otherwise).

The fact of the matter is there are two large places where this movie fails. But these two places cause its entire cohesiveness to suffer.

1) Too many back stories not enough time and the story/ writers ran out of gas for the present. 

Many back stories for the cast was spliced in at random intervals and in some cases they where more interesting than the main movie. Mainly because this movie felt like just an excuse to introduce the characters rather than a group of established villans being banned together. I think it would’ve been more interesting (and a better showcase of talent) if there where mini movies recorded before about some of the histories and put online to watch. It just didn’t work when more than half of the interesting parts of the movie happened in the past. The present threat was ambiguous at best and the villainess largely an unknown factor.  Of all the histories we learn about hers was just left hanging. For a movie that is to help us understand these villans and (on some level)  develop sympathy for them she became faceless (outside of one area). Even though there where strong hints that she had a very intriguing history. However there simply was too much to fit into this one movie. Heck some villans where only there to bring in hero cameos and not much else.  Which leads me to my next point. As a result of too many stories not enough time some characters felt… Tacked on for fun.

Like Katana (Karen Fukuhara)

  Yes her character always spoke Japanese when talking to her self and silted English the rest of the time and while I could understand her many of my fellow watchers could not because there where no subtitles and it often was spliced in suddenly. It was a bit jarring, for a friend of mine.  Though it did not bother me much (watching too much subbed/unsubbed anime has truly warped my minds language centers I fear…) I could see his point.  

2) Editing and sound track was horrid. 

For much of the movie they way they cut from present to past after a certain point it was disorienting at best out right distracting other times. It even was bad when still in the present towards the end.  Action scenes where weirdly shot and cut through as well.  And on top of that they constantly kept skipping around track to track like a ADHD adolescent.  And since they where 80% named songs with lyrics (voiceless versions of songs could be used people)  the movie was sometimes distracting as you almost don’t know what to listen to as the audio balance is off.  If you want an example of how this works just look at my vlog made with Showbox. Hear how sometimes the audio fluctuates and the music seems to over shadow me?  That… For like the whole movie…

And unlike them I am not a professional.

And on a final note did this promo poster not give off the implication that Joker would play a much bigger part in the main/present story line?


Maybe it’s just me then…

But then this is the best DC movie to date.  So on that account this movie was a success.

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  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    I hear the studio meddled with movie a bit. That might account for the weird editing and flashbacks being spliced in at random intervals. Apparently there was more Joker scenes too that didn’t make it to the cinema cut.


    1. CupcakeKvara says:

      It looked like someone mucked around with it. Especially with the Joker/Harely parts. I almost feel that that would’ve been a movie on it’s own.

      Liked by 1 person

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