Metal Gear Survive 

So… This one will be short. If I don’t rant,  which I will attempt to not do.

So I woke up to find this:

Metal gear survive


On my Facebook feed.



Apparently because they can.  If you haven’t seen the promo take a look:

So… My first impressions are that this looked like a random incomplete  game they had sitting around and Konami felt somekinda way about the Kojima thing still.

If this was planned then already you can feel the loss of the creator.  But I mean really?

Dimensional portals?

Post Apocalyptic world with just in the nick of time saving from fellow survivors. The journey to get home.

Did I also forget to mention that this was a Zombie apocalypse? Yeah.

But what’s most irritating to me the fact that they had to use the Metal Gear name and then introduce dimension travel tells me that they may not be as comfortable without their major talent as they let on.

Or they’re being petty… Which is highly possible given their past antics with Kojima.

I feel that this is doing a possibly OK game a disservice by wedging it within the MGS franchise.  I mean I get brand recognition but theoretically that’s what your main name does. But then Konami hasn’t been in the most favorable light with all of this.  So  banking on what does make them  money in a name is Metal Gear.

But then this is just speculation. Though for some reason it sure feels like Konami’s Sodium count is a bit high.

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  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    It’s a shame all those great Konami video game properties are going to be wasted now.

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    1. CupcakeKvara says:

      I would like to say they won’t be but…

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