Why I love The Nerdwriter




He makes movie and art analysis into short easy to consume bits.

He writes about whatever really strikes his fancy and then makes a seven to ten minute video about it. 

Sounds boring, I know, but the guy is talented and sees things that others often miss. He writes, not nessicarily,  reviews but more of a analyasis of things and goes the extra mile to show you exsamples of what he’s talking about.

He’s expressing his thoughts and inviting you to come along for the ride. And often it’s a fun  and  enlightening one. 

This isn’t nessicarily a review or anything. This is really more of me loving what a nerd is doing by making it accessible and easy to understand for the slightly less geeky (or perhaps those simply not as geeky in such areas). 

He covers anything from Art to movies to the musical scores within movies to how Donald Trump answers questions.   

(Spoiler alert: he doesn’t.) 

If it’s still unclear here: he did an breakdown on what really was the problem with Batman vs. Superman. 

This post is more just me reveling in something a fellow nerd is doing that helps the non geeky kind of  ‘get’  some of what we prattle on about or perhaps even solidify what it  is about a painter,  movie,  music, etc. that draws or even repulses us. 

And perhaps even a form of inspiration.  This guy writes essays (with all the research that entails) makes a slide show/ mini movie and reads that essay.  

That’s really it.  But it’s awesome,  fascinating and people love it.  It makes me wonder what I do that alone seems silly,  or perhaps even boring and have people want to pay attention and maybe start to understand my loves and likes too… 

Or at least listen and think it was well done geekery. 

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