Day 13 – Cosplay of your a character you would cosplay as(or want to)

If you are into any fandom in geekdom there will be instances where cosplay has crossed your mind.  Heck I’ve done it once or twice myself though usually only as a “co-worker” of a anime or videogame organization. Heck I was a officer from You’re Under Arrest! For my first Anime Con. 

“We’re always accepting new applicants…”

At this past DragonCon I was a scientist from Aperture labs.

 But an anime character I’d love to cosplay? 

Thats actually kind of difficult because I’ve never wanted to “be”  a character before. 

 I’ve wanted to exist in their  world and have a certain role (all my own)  but not be one.  

If I had to choose though… I guess It’d be… 

Shampoo from Ranma 1/2. And only because I thought she was a great fighter

 and wore amazing outfits… 

Love this outfit…

Her hair is adorable and though her man hunting level was scary… Can’t get behind that but I would like to wear her clothes for a day.  

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