Vlog update 1.5/ mini review


Since this recording  I have ordered a new web camera as this one only recorded at 720p thus producing the ugly black boxes on either side. This time I used Corel’s Video editing software demo to edit and render this video. I have since found this system to be very forgiving. It’s easy enough to understand but has enough advanced options that you can get some very nice effects with only a fairly sized learning curve. It only took me an afternoon of playing around before I managed to produce this video.

I have since purchased the pro version as it’s on sale for 50% for a while for Black Friday. Besides, they have a 30day money back guarantee. I figured there isn’t much to loose. The best thing about the sale is that I got the highest version for the price of the lower featured one. I also plan on getting a better microphone or at least moving it closer to my mouth in future videos as the audio was really low.  But from now on I’ll be publishing more vlogs as well as blogging in general because…why not both?

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