Day 15 – Anime you want to see but haven’t yet

So I’ve seen a lot of Anime over the past…*mumble* *Mumble* years so finding ones that I want to see but haven’t yet is somewhat hard unless I go based on the ones we have out now. I decided to go backward in time a bit to a anime I only got to watch two episodes of and really want to finish.



The series was originally a light novel before becoming a anime and aside from looking to have great animation, I really like the chemistry I see coming from the two main characters.


Look at these babies!

Even from images alone I just want to know their complete story.  Heck, I’d probably even read the light novel it originally was.



I mean they’re so in sync!

It also helps that it’s a comedy. So maybe it’s a good one to watch right now. I could use a something to laugh about recently. What other series do you think I should check out that I might have missed?


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