Day 17 – Favorite weapon or gear from an anime



When it comes to gear/ weapons that are used in Anime, the list is so long it’s not even funny. Especially when you start thinking about series that focus on nothing but everyone’s weapons and how they use it. I choose a weapon that appeals to me, instinctually, regardless of the world it’s contained within.

Everyone knows that moment when a character pulls something out and uses it and your immediate response is something akin to:


Or perhaps:

“I want one.”

I had this with these babies right here:


A custom C.A.D  design created by the acclaimed magical engineer, Taurus Silver in the series Mahōka Kōkō no Rettōsei (魔法科高校の劣等生?, lit. “The Poor Performing Student of a Magic High School”). Now it also doesn’t help that I find the main character rather yummy in personality and smarts…and athletic ability….and clothing…The boy can dress. 

That’s really just icing on the cake…

Now if you haven’t seen the series and want to (and don’t like spoilers) STOP I am not restraining anything in this post as to why I love these things.

You have been warned.

Not only does it come as a set but they are aesthetically pleasing and make a great basis for more powerful developments…

Nerd alert!! if you don’t care about the details skip to the more base reasons why I picked this item. A * will let you know when to pick up reading again.

But first I suppose I should, briefly explain what a C.A.D is.

C.A.D is short for “Casting Assistant Device.” In a world where magic is real these babies allow the magic user to almost instantaneously cast a spell without having to resort to rituals and manually drawing out spell circles and the like.

There are two types: General and Specialized.

Generalized operates rather like a digital cell phone version of a spell book and can hold up to 99 activation sequences (Think: “Magic Circles” or “spells”) regardless of  what system of magic it’s from. The user has to dial the number to “call up” a spell. But there is more of a burden placed on the magic user with these. Two types of generalized CADS are seen below.


The one I chose is a pair of specialized CADs  the application isn’t as broad and can only store about eight to nine types of activation sequences  from only one type of magic. So if you use these you are either very limited in magical application…


Or very, very creative. And our main character certainly is. Specialized CADs also come in a variety of styles as well. Really the looks of these can be endless.

*End of complete Nerd sequence…but I won’t say that it isn’t still somewhat that way…you ARE reading my blog after all…

Tatsuya exemplifies how to use such CADs  by using them in combination with his unique abilities. The spell cartridges load just like a clip for a gun making changing spell sets somewhat easy.


But the spells chosen at the time of loading are still limited and imply that you have to choose ones that you are excellent as using and have a wide variety of uses. Many of which are specific for him… Heck, he even snipes with the thing!

Yes, he did snipe several people through that port-hole entrance from the top of that building. Watch the series yourself if you doubt me.

They also make a great technological jumping off point for a more advanced version such as the secret weapon:


Yeah…a sniper rifle for mages with satellite assistance. YES, I’m assuming I’m a mage because, why the heck not!? It’s my dream weapon… I might need to get some fake ones just to display…

I can imagine myself as having a creative enough mind to get effective and valuable results with such things…and if I dual weild that’s 16 spells at once. Heck I’ve done more with only 4 as a mage when I played D&D….

*Notices the looks*


But I am curious what anime weapon/ gear have you lusted over? Let everyone know in the comments.





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