Day 18 – A picture of a scene from a filler episode you hated

I openly bent the rules on this one as I honestly came up blank for this. I tend to avoid filler episodes and series that have too many of them that don’t really serve a purpose. I value efficient story-telling and if you are forced to add filler episodes I feel you aren’t doing very well.

So these aren’t so much an episode alone but rather series in general that are used as fillers between the awesome OVA’s that I hate. Namely Tenchi in Tokyo, Ai Tenchi, Tenchi Universe and Tenchi GXP that I hate.


[Magical Girl Pretty Sammy doesn’t even exist as far as I’m concerned…those did not occur…move along]

There are so many scenes that make me cringe over those series it’s not even funny the images choices were a dime a dozen.

GXP Originally as the first one on this list but has since become the least offensive simply because I understand the job of it within the Tenchi continuum. The others are AU’s and do not add anything to the original OVA storyline (which still isn’t finished).  In fact, they only seem to confuse watchers as they aren’t clear as to what occurs when. Especially if you were watching it during the Cartoon network era when they simply threw random episodes up you may be a little confused. Here’s a short explanation:

Tenchi Muyo!! Ryo-oh-ki! Is the OVA and its own series.

 Tenchi GXP follows Tenchi’s cousin as he joins the Galaxy Police and should be watched simply for a better explanation of the universe that surrounds Tenchi. As you watch you learn about politics, alien races, family ties, etc in detail. Such info is actually useful in many cases in the OVA. In my opinion, though it’s filler it’s at least useful. It is also in the same time-line/ world as the OVAs so it is safe to watch together without being too confused. Tenchi: War on Geminar is also in this same time-line and follows his little brother.

Tenchi Universe is its own series the two movies Tenchi Muyo! In Love and Tenchi Forever are in this time-line. Annoying but still a fairly fun story. It stands alone.

Tenchi in Tokyo (AKA “Shin Tenchi Muyo!”) is its own series with Daughter of Darkness being the movie from this series. These do not cross over with anything.

So…here. Screen caps. Take your pick. I only put the ones up that are not from the OVA line.


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