Day 24 – Favorite anime hero or heroine

Shiba Tatsuya from the Irregular at Magic High.


Yes, I know he’s appeared on my blog multiple times but…I love him.

He’s typically logical and fairly level headed. He’s constantly underestimated because of his standing as the status quo deems it should be. And really, I’m very similar in some ways. I know that at least on several occasions that I have been in the same boat.


He’s a sniper and when I play FPS (First Person Shooters) I tend to gravitate towards just such a role. Also, as a kid Spock (Vulcan philosophy in general) really appealed to me and Tatsuya (due to reasons) also seems to do the same things about his emotions. He studies Ninjitsu and I went a LONG time studying the same thing (self unfortunately since there were no dojos near me). He’s a bad-@ss fighter. I think he also fights in a way highly similar to how I think I would…

Look at him go…

(If I would ever get off my lazy butt…)

But I relate to him. I root for him. Even though he has been through hell for his age (read the manga’s…it’s crazy) he’s still kind, unless you mess with one of his own.


Then it’s just death.

Also me.

And this is simply another reason why white is a horrible color…blood shows far too easily.

I don’t have any sort of sibling complex, though…

But similarities and relating aside. He was a character that was brilliant and most of the times his wins and successes had to do with things that he’d learned or studied in his alone time. Ultimately despite all his physical skills, Tatsuya is an engineer and a brilliant one at that. His mind and work ethic is the best part of the package. He cares little what others think of him and really attempts to remain under the radar unless called upon.  tatsuya-shiba-gif-eula2003-38464164-500-250 He’s confident without being conceited. Tatsuya has created several Casting Assistant Devices (C.A.D.s)  and understands magical theory in a way few at his school could keep up with.

I would argue that few in that worlds Industry would be able to follow.  He also firmly understands that no man is an island and will often delegate jobs to his friends as well as offer words of encouragement or advice. He doesn’t attempt to be a one-man man show. He has carefully figured out what his friends are good and coordinates plans to win the day. He is very much a team player. When you are apart of Tatsuya’s circle no one is left out.


And it’s one of his best attributes thus making the show so much more than just about him.

Yes, it’s a story about Shiba Tatsuya but it’s also about the people who touch his life and how their lives influence him in return.

That is what a main character and hero should do in a series, to me at least. Tell me who’s your favorite anime hero/heroine?

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