Day 26 – Favorite anime opening theme song

Music is so important to media that I would argue that most visual media would never be nearly as engaging as it is without it. It’s literally everywhere musical composers are the often unsung hero of the production group. Would Final Fantasy be the same without its music(Typically Composed by

Would Final Fantasy be the same without its music (typically composed by Nobuo Uematsu )? Or Yuri on Ice feel the way it does without its soundtrack?  Like the series or not it has one of the

Like the series or not it has one of the best timed, animated, sung and choreographed sequences of this past season in my opinion…

The musical tone of a series makes all the difference in media.

The wrong choice of theme song can even turn off the viewer. Its job is to set the tone for the series and its characters. It’s no small claim to say that you can predict a series by watching and paying attention to the intro sequence close enough. They can even fool a watcher into thinking that the series is so much better or worst than it really is. the art of the intro sequence has evolved through the years to become so much more than what it used to be. They are more involved and tell a story in their own right. Some of the simplest intros are the ones that had the most work put into it as they can’t afford mistakes as easily as a busy intro could.

In light of that, while there were so many choices (especially for how long I’ve been watching) I had to choose one that had everything to me. Tank!! from Cowboy Bebop won the day. It also helps that I love the composer behind this one.

Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts was the group that did the majority of this series’ music. Yoko Kanno is actually very prolific and has provided iconic sounds as far back as Macross Plus and Vision of Escaflowne (both of which I  was in love with at the time) to Wolf’s Rain, Ghost in a Shell and Space Dandy. And that’s me scratching the surface that’s not naming the numerous other works she’s done for Movies, live action series and Video games.

love Jazz music (mainly the transitional areas between traditional early improv Jazz and the full on smooth Jazz that we have now…though I do love those at times too…) and I thought this intro perfectly captured the feel and tone of what was to come it was edgy, constantly moving forward but not without the mellow bass and drums to ground the intro. Tank!! is a great intro worthy to go down in anime history.

I could go into musical theory but I won’t. It’s not nearly as interesting as listening to it.



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