Now Entering 2017

I’m sure there will be many other lists talking on and on about how bad 2016 was. And honestly, it was a pretty crappy year both personally and internationally. And really at this point, I think most people will agree with this Comic by  The Oatmeal regarding It.


There is simply too much that would be needed to be covered regarding how disheartening this year has been to my faith in humanity.

Though in all honesty, there were many clues that I probably shouldn’t put much faith in it from the start.

So, as with most cases that I have to deal with disappointing things, I trudge ahead while formulating a game plan and doing quite a bit of introspection. I’m not silly enough to tell myself it’s a new years resolution. I’ve never liked those because it puts a limit on my desire.

Start your changes now if you’re serious, new years or not.

All other excuses are probably B.S. 

But I will say that the things I have been working on for the past few months will finally be a pattern to carry into the new year. There are several things I stopped this past year because I was either working too much or exhausted…or LAZY (usually after working too much).  And now I plan on fixing those things. Because the reality is that I can’t  fix everything that’s wrong with the world.

But I can be a better person and perhaps help inspire others.

I’m not perfect, I’m really just another human trying to make her way in this strange world but if people can perhaps read/watch what I talk about and their lives are better for it, so be it.

I get the same from several people here on WordPress and YouTube they’re just being themselves to the best of their ability and felt the need to share it with the world not knowing how much they are helping other people, such as myself learn new things. But I’ve realized that I have some B.S. in my life I need to get rid of to move forward, especially in this world.



The things I need to do to sweep out the B.S. fall under three main headings:

I need to schedule my life. (shudders).

I love Video games, anime, reading, and writing. All of these take-up time and I have a very bad habit or reading multiple books at a time and playing multiple games…etc. I have a problem. So I need to be a bit more organized in my time to make the most of it. I don’t plan on being hard fast about it but I will be putting more and more care into that area of my life. If I have a day where I record and then another to edit then maybe I can actually get Vlogs up.


I need to be regular with my Workouts

I am an ex-dancer that’s gotten flabby. I’m not ashamed to admit it. It’s not that I have a horrible diet it’s more the fact that… you see that list above? None of those technically encourage movement. I need to make an effort to get active. I have no illusions about wanting a 6 pack (the diet for that feat is torturous) or to be back at my size from High School (your body is still changing so that’s seriously unrealistic, people).

I would be happy to be toned no unessicary jiggle.

Those who were here before knew that I used to have “Workout Wednesdays” where I would share the workout I did that day. Until I started working for a movie with crazy hours and couldn’t maintain it. I may start it up again but with an important difference of the schedule and perhaps doing my own workouts rather than just reviewing others. Make no mistake this will not become a health blog (there are far more willing and experienced people out there for those) but I will from time to time talk about my fitness maybe even in a way that’s unique. It’s also never a bad idea to be at least somewhat physically fit in case it actually hits the fan and I need to run…


Continue learning new things but don’t leave behind what I knew.

Vlogging is a whole new world for me and editing together videos is a skill that I’m completely new to. But there are many tutorials and I’m great at fussing around until I get it. I just need to make time for it…(see first heading). Be serious about my language studies (Might need it if traveling/ escaping) and get back to sketching and singing. I wasn’t amazing at either but they provided nice routes of self-expression that I’m somewhat sad I got rusty on.

That’s it.


It seems simple but they make huge differences. It’s the consistency of it and the reasoning behind it. As you can tell by the blog here my consistency has been sketchy at best and I apologize for that. 2016 didn’t really inspire me at the time to keep it up. But that too was the wrong perspective. It’s a B.S. excuse that I cannot tolerate anymore.

I shouldn’t have been looking to what’s going on around me to inspire me but rather to me. Looking everywhere but forwards and expecting to drive in a straight line is silly. Life is full of detours enough I’m not looking to add more because I was staring at someone else’s ideas and goals. I should instead of use theirs a fuel towards mine. But using a person I admire as a goal I end up wandering because their goal isn’t mine.

The lesson is oh so simple.

But oh so hard to follow sometimes because many times we don’t notice when our admiration becomes copying and depending. When learning it’s ok to copy but while you do so you should be finding your voice, talents, and unique spins on things.

 There is only one you and there is only one of them. You be you and solidify what makes YOU and your goal amazing for you!


All the rest is just B.S.


Happy New Years Everyone!




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