Day 25 – Best anime villian


Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist (any version you like). He’s selfish and uses science as his reasoning to do anything and doesn’t see why other scientists don’t see things the way he does. Too much logic no morality and delusions of the ‘greater good’ due to scientific (alchemical in this world) advancements. He is a selfish character who’s idea of ‘right and wrong’ were so horribly skewed that he lost any value in any kind of life.

These are the worst kind of villains because you know something is wrong but everything else they say seems ok. They can even seem really nice initially. But when it comes to what they want you’re an easy sacrifice.

In the end, it’s all about what they need and their vast knowledge of science ‘justifies’ their decision. They truly don’t see that it’s really all about them. The delusion that what they’re doing is for the ‘greater’ good keeps them going.


Why would [my] life matter if I can’t get what I want? 

What does it matter? I know the quantities of life I can make it and break it at will. I’ll just create another one after I master this.

There really was no ‘higher’ reasoning. Not for the glory of a nation, for revenge or anything really more nobel. Just pure unadulterated selfishness.

“All advancements have a price.”



That’s why this #^(<er here is my choice. He’s horrifying because we completely “get” what he’s doing. We hate it, loathe it, but his desperation speaks to us on some level. When you know there is no way to do what you promised and people are expecting results. The majority of viewers KNOW what he’s done/ going to do but you think no one would dare do that (their just making us believe that..there’s a twist surely.)…only to know that he would and did. He’s not surprising. He’s horrifying because we KNEW and had hoped he wouldn’t be that selfish and depraved.

That I think is what makes him such a hated person in all of Anime and at the top of my list.

Who’s your choice? Is it Tucker here? Or someone else I may have over looked?

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  1. Karandi says:

    Shou Tucker is a horrible human being and really is responsible for the most heart breaking moment in FMA. That said, I don’t know that I like him as a villain because his area of impact is limited pretty much to his daughter and Ed and Al. Despite that, he still manages to make every person who watches the show hate him so he’s doing something right.

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    1. CupcakeKvara says:

      I agree that he didn’t effect many of the characters at large but he effected the *viewers.* To me the best villains are the ones that haunt you. Pure evil with destruction is easy to write and dislike because it’s harder to relate to. Because it’s so other it’s easy to just say “oh he/she’s horrible” and move on. When they stick with you and you realize that we too have made selfish decisions for the wrong reasoning because it made us feel better (screw the wishes of others I want that)…while certainly not to the same extent as his it blurs that line just enough that it makes you uncomfortable. Those are the villains we could possibly see in the mirror one day if we’re not careful. And that makes it all the more terrifying.

      But I totally agree He didn’t effect much of the cast, completely and could be seen as not a big villain in that respect.

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