The music life of a Geek

This one is a bit rambly but mainly because I allowed myself the luxury of completely nerding out a bit and and aside from spelling errors or things that make NO sense have allowed the product to remain unedited. You have been warned. 


So I love music and I really appreciate it when a movie, anime or video game doesn’t simply skimp on that end. It can add wonders to any sort of media. I also love it as it’s a way to sneak in my nerdiness  while at work or while giving a ride to someone in the car. One of my greatest joys is playing a beautiful piece of orchestral work and having someone fall in love with it. The looks on their faces when they find out it’s from a video game or anime is priceless. Like those things that are made for entertainment can’t possibly have art in it and certainly not of the musical variety. There is also a segment of people who sometimes think that because classical music isn’t playing on the top 20 radio stations  in their cities that classical music composers are super rare and not really composed anymore.  It makes my heart swell with pride to see what the FANDOM does when they apply their talents to create tributes or remixes from the source material.

Some people love to give this process flak. However, they seem to also forget that most artists from any medium learn my imitating others while their honing their own skills. Heck it’s how we learn ANYTHING.

Anyway, back to loving on the fandom’s music. I poke around Soundcloud (it’s where Geek Outer Rim is hosted after all) and I found someone I listen to on YouTube all the time:

I play this softly at my desk and since there is very little singing it’s business appropriate and no one is the wiser that I’m happily living in my bubble of geekdom. This is a playlist from Blake Robinson of the Synthetic Orchestra and he remakes/remixes songs from anything from video games to anime and movies. But then it’s now his job to do this (he’s was also tools programmer for EA but now only does it for himself.).  He also creates original works for indie games.  However he did not start off that way his hobby/ love of music lead him to this path.

He’s a great option for work tunes or if you have to tote someone around that may not be as open to listening to the soundtrack of the original Sonic game. I have a size-able list of composers I still have on my IPod…yes most of them are from anime and video games so sue me if I like it more than Drake or Katy Perry. often I find the lack of depth (not necessarily in lyrics, as that’s a whole different post) but in instruments and movements. If I went down the list of composers who I had been knowingly/ unknowingly listening to since my childhood of watching anime and playing video games.  Maybe one day I shall post one of my playlists here that’s not pre-made. That might be a interesting series of blogs, now that I think of it:

The music life of a Geeky Audiophile: Mix Tape (the early years).

There would be some random stuff on that list.  BTW My first anime music tape was a mixtape from a friend of Sailor Moon music.

That is not a holdover term. It was an actual cassette tape of music.

Not even kidding.

CDs where out but not easily (cheaply) available the burnable ones where pricey and only one person had internet that stayed up long enough to Napster the bootleg songs and spread it among  the group of fellow lovers desperate for a hit of their favorite anime tune.


(stares uncomfortably at the metaphorical cane in the corner and debates about swinging it at the 14yr olds clogging up the servers).

Yeah…I’m going to…go now. If any of you have composers you think I should check out let me know down in the comments below.

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