Thoughts from a PC Nouveau Riche: Destiny 2

So…I am a bit of an Destiny addict… Have been since I purchased the first Destiny (Taken King bundle).

It’s been so long…

I’m a sucker for good character design great settings and rich lore. Even if the lore must be excavated from the internet archives and the apps old grimoire card system….

I’ll admit…I bought D2 for PS4 and was one of the few people gutting the servers on the opening night. But I also subsequently bought it for PC….you know trying to learn keyboard and mouse better and why not use something I already love and have a vested interest in to learn on?

I can’t say I’m completely converted to keyboard and mouse as I have small fingers and am more likely to fall between the buttons as I am to hit them I also tend to over stretch without meaning too and completely hitting a key that does nothing and die. I will say that it is a excellent port that is very well optimized for a broad range of specs. My laptop can run it with its Nividia 960MM graphics card with 4gb of dedicated  to my new liquid cooled Ryzen 1600 build with 8gb of vram. To be fair my laptop is a little beastly…however it did run on my older rig of a old 8 core AMD with 8gb of RAM and a 5 yr old 2gb graphic’s card.


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But I do miss a few things from my PS4…the controller was a perfect fit the key mappings where largely efficient and I have two years worth of muscle memory to help me (over 8 if you count my gaming in general) and I did not realize how much I used the haptic feedback to time my jumps and know when I’m being hit from behind when in a fire fight. It also gives you a different feel for each gun. I miss the stapler gun feel of the Mida Multi-tool or the explosive kick off my fave hand cannon Better Devils and Scout Rifle Nameless Midnight. Instead I get a different “visual pull” for the guns that while not wholly bad just “feel” blah. I guess that sense of at least tactile immersion is missing.

By contrast the wider field of view, higher frame rates, and the precision with the mouse is hard to ignore as perks. Though due to the previous comments it is frustrating to die more than I like. I fought with stretching my fingers all over the keyboard for months with various games until I broke down and bought a seperate keypad for me to keymap my controls into for easy reach.

Yes, it’s in Chinese. It’s a Gaming Keyboard I found. The space bar is a bit stiff but still much better.
Raven does not approve.
I do not care

I don’t play with my Destiny experience.

It wasn’t terribly expensive and after a little fiddling with key mapping I love it. The hold is much more natural for me and having the space bar tilted down and to the side is easier on my thumb. I know it takes muscle memory and time but I feel as if not having too many keys and not having to reach as far is making the transition easier.

Anyway, Destiny 2 is a visual and aural delight. The voice acting, foley, and sound design are amazing and though unique game mechanics are largely great. I do miss being able to read my lore outside of having to do multi scans all over the solar system….but then none of these are complaints that have not already been aired multiple times before. So I would defer you to the more experienced souls at the various videogame review sites.

I will say this though:

You have outdone your self Bungie. Thank you for listening to the players legitimate concerns and worries about the game we’ve come to love. And while I won’t say its perfect (nothing ever is) it is fun. This is such a huge leap in the right direction that by and large I’m ecstatic and the Osiris DLC is looking to be another fine addition.

Destiny 2_20170918204947
Me just taking in the scenery

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