This Blog is simply a compilation of my thoughts, ideas, and perhaps even the occasional tutorial. As a Jill of many trades I can’t rule out anything.

I encourage honest, well thought out discussion here.  But there are a few things I would like to state.

I call these the “The Rules of Engagement”

I understand this is the internet and Trolls lurk under every recess and dark corner. However they are not encouraged here. Light teasing and good natured ribbing is alright anything intentionally used for insighting anger is discouraged.

In that same idea, active communication is key and ‘yelling,’  name calling, and rudeness are also frowned upon. Even if all commentators are not adults I expect you to carry yourself with a decent amount of decency and maturity. It is alright to disagree but your ‘tone’ makes the difference between starting a fight and simply having a disagreement.  

Finally, I love learning new things and often my blog will talk about information I’ve learned. I love to learn more and I encourage my visitors to help me and the other readers to learn more too. If you have information I missed or perhaps didn’t even know leave a comment! The internet is a HUGE place and there is information flying everywhere and no one of us can keep up with it all.

Thank you for stopping by!


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