Who is CupcakeKvara?

An oddity, that’s what. I am at once what you would expect and yet nothing like what you’d think at all. I am a geek (in the traditional comics. video games, Anime, and reading sense) but also has an intense love for Pin-up and retro fashion even though I usually find dressing up to be tedious.

I know exactly how that sounds and I completely agree with you. I. Am. Strange.

Let me give you a brief idea of my past. Born the daughter of a teacher and a cop, I went to a science academy for elementary, a standard middle (but on the technology track) then to an art focused high school all the while I took professional dance lessons (ballet, tap,jazz,lyrical baton, and one year of gymnastics), reading comic books and coming home to play Virtual Fighter on my Saturn, Sonic on my Genesis, and Chrono Trigger on my PSone. I went to Art school for seven years torn between Computer Art, Fashion, Creative Writing, and Sequential Art, ultimately Fashion won. I worked for several years in costuming with a major entertainment company (Hint: They own Marvel now) before returning home to later work in the cellphone industry and start on the path towards becoming a master herbalist.

Told you I’m a strange duck.

This blog is really very much like me. Quirky, intelligent, (Moderately) classy and yes…geeky. It is every-thing that I am and have come to accept about myself. I wanted to make this blog, not only as a place to voice my thoughts but as a thank you to the other odd ducks out there that have unknowingly helped me realize who I am and to accept it. This is also here as a possible encouragement to others to accept themselves. We are much more similar than some would lead you to believe but by the same token,  we aren’t supposed to be exactly the same! That’s what makes the world so wonderful.  I went most of my life believing I was somehow an oddity with all my quirks. But I’m not, and I want other people to understand that through the variety of posts, thoughts, ideas presented within that it’s O.K. not to fit into a box.

Boxes are limiting, and though they make cool forts for a child, they are a pathetic world for an adult to live in.

To put it plainly:

I’m just a simple, quirky blogger with a slightly skewed view of the world that’s at once classy yet subtlety, off-key.




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  1. MOKA says:

    Haha this is a great introduction!


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