Who am I?


My name is Jessica and this is my Blog ModeratelyKlassy.

Mum always emphasized the need of me to act like a Lady though sometimes it was hard to hear over the Virtual Fighter or Chrono Trigger…eh oh well I got the general Idea.

I think.

Probably not.

I got my first game console when I was about 6 and I squeezed in Mario between school, reading, practice and rudimentary writing attempts. This pattern repeated in various ways for almost 12 years with various games and consoles. Today the school is changed out for work and several MORE consoles…plus PC. Around middle school Anime got added in and my life was screwed. I grew up surrounded by equal parts nerdom, science, and art. Went to two science academies and finished out in the arts.

As I’m sure you could tell I had ever so many friends. Right Jake~!?


*rapidly pokes cat who sleepily opens eye before proceeding to ignore the Annoying Hooman*



Yeah…so you can imagine what it’s like to have me watch an Anime or play a game with me. My almost insatiible need for knowledge paired with my desire to share it…well I had to let it out somewhere…

ModeratelyKlassy is a place where we can have conversations and investigations in gaming, storytelling and design along with the occasional cup of tea.


This blog is really very much like me. Quirky, intelligent, (Moderately) classy and yes…geeky. It is every-thing that I am and have come to accept about myself. I wanted to make this blog, not only as a place to voice my thoughts but as a thank you to the other odd ducks out there that have unknowingly helped me realize who I am and to accept it. This is also here as a possible encouragement to others to accept themselves.   


 I went most of my life believing I was somehow an oddity with all my quirks. But I’m not, and I want other people to understand that through the variety of posts, thoughts, ideas presented within that it’s O.K. not to fit in (to a box).


DSC_0030.JPG~ Jessica (CupcakeKvara)


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  1. MOKA says:

    Haha this is a great introduction!


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